How can I get my daughter started playing volleyball?


Team sports offer a great opportunity for young people to develop their focus, collaborate with others, and make friendships that will last for a lifetime. For the girls and young women in your family, volleyball can also be fun and challenging. But as with any youth sport, getting started can be tough, especially since many volleyball teams are jam-packed with experienced players. If you’re interested in getting your daughter volleyball training, or volleyball lessons in the Houston area, Katy, Fulshear, Sugarland, Cypress, TX, here are a few options that should be available in your local community.

Youth Organizations

The Houston metropolitan area has no shortage of youth organizations, including those available through community centers, churches, Katy Academy, and the YMCA. It’s easy to get started playing volleyball with one of these organizations, but you’ll find many of these programs are geared more toward recreation than learning and competition.

If you opt for a youth organization, research the trainers who will be working with your young athlete. Often trainers are parents and other volunteers rather than paid coaches, and that can make a difference in the quality of training. Volleyball is especially competitive in Katy and the surrounding areas, so if you think your daughter will want to compete, you’ll probably want to invest in professional training.

Volleyball Clubs

If you’ve researched the options, you’ve probably discovered several organizations around the Katy area that fall under the “volleyball club” banner. These organizations are designed to give young athletes the opportunity to play the sport, competing against others in the area. Since joining a club is probably your ultimate goal, jumping in with both feet can be a great option for some young players.

Before joining one of these organizations, though, there are some things to consider. Volleyball clubs typically charge thousands of dollars per season in addition to the costs to travel to games and tournaments. Like most competitive sports, volleyball clubs also tend to favor the players that have the most talent or previous volleyball experience, which could leave your daughter on the sidelines, especially during the first season or two. For that reason, you may find it beneficial to invest in some training first.

Volleyball School

In the volleyball school environment, your daughter will get the benefit of learning the sport from experts. All coaches at The Volleyball School either played in college or are ex-professional volleyball players. Lessons are designed by former professional players, with students progressing through numerous levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels) so that they learn gradually, rather than being thrown into a competition as they would be if they joined a youth organization or club.

But although lessons are geared toward learning, participants still have fun. In addition to coaching and regular evaluation, your daughter will enjoy spending time with peers while developing confidence that will pay off in other areas of her life.

As volleyball has become more popular in Katy, Tx and the surrounding areas, parents are increasingly looking for ways to get their young family members involved. Whether you decide to enroll your daughter in a youth organization, volleyball club, or school, your support will help her achieve her goals and develop a love for the sport.

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