The Volleyball School partners with DJonkins Sports Fitness Center to provide unbeatable volleyball training regimen to young athletes

The Volleyball School announced that it will be partnering with DJonkins Sports Fitness Center to provide its clients with specialized conditioning that will further build on the premium volleyball training they currently receive from the professional volleyball coaches at the school.

Derrick Jonkins, owner of DJonkins Sports Fitness Center in The Woodlands, brings 22 years in personal training experience to the partnership. With his focus on building lasting relationships with his young athletic clientele and encouraging a sense of community, Jonkins’ fitness center was an ideal match for The Volleyball School, which offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced volleyball training to girls ages 8 and up.

Jonkins will travel twice a week to the Katy-based school to offer one-on-one as well as group workout plans based on students’ individual needs. The school trains its athletes on volleyball techniques that will help them improve their game and make them stronger competitors for their school teams or clubs. The partnership will allow the school’s students to receive a more complete training regimen to further aid them in their athletic goals.

“We are so excited to offer this conditioning training from DJonkins Sports to our young volleyball athletes,” said Domingo Martinez, Managing Director of The Volleyball School. “Derrick’s approach to fitness melds perfectly with ours, and we feel like the training our girls receive from DJonkins Sports Fitness Center will help them reduce injuries, and make them unstoppable—on the court and off.”

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